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    What we cover


    Movers and shakers in China’s political landscape, evolving political ideologies, geopolitical kerfuffles, and who said what at major political meetings. We also know parsing Party-speak can be pretty tedious, so we try to do it all with a dash of wit, to boot.


    The key macroeconomic developments that are preoccupying China’s policymakers. Our maco pulls from our ongoing daily work for professional investors, highlighting the most critical developments for folks who need to be in the know, but not in the weeds.

    The business environment

    Doing business in China is an exercise in uncertainty. We examine the changing outlook for foreign companies with operations in China, as well as how new rules and requirements are impacting domestic companies.

    Big-deal laws and regulations

    While rarely followed in detail, China’s legislature is more important than most people think. We keep tabs on the major legislative developments that are shaping China’s policy and business landscapes, and make sure Neopol readers have the skinny on what matters.

    Ag / commodities

    From Agriculture to Zirconium, nowhere is policy more impactful than on the raw materials sectors that underpin the rest of China’s economy. We follow the evolving regulatory context for farming, mining, and processing, as well as trade in the world’s most important commodities, and bring you the market-moving updates you won’t find in the headlines.


    Critical updates on big tech regulation, digital finance, and data regulation. Want deeper China tech policy coverage? Try our premium Tech Tech subscription.

    Climate / Energy

    Key policies supporting China’s efforts to reach carbon neutrality before 2060. Want deeper climate policy coverage? Subscribe to our free Net Zero Weekly.

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