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Net Zero Weekly is produced by the Trivium China Energy team.

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    Net Zero: What we cover

    Government strategy

    Xi Jinping has put climate at the center of China’s development strategy. His twin carbon goals – to achieve peak emissions before 2030 and carbon neutrality before 2060 – are politically non-negotiable, making them the cornerstones of downstream policy across the economy. The problem? Climate is suddenly everywhere in government strategy; it’s hard to parse the signal from the noise. The solution? We read it all – and bring you all the biggest developments you need to know.

    Carbon trading

    After a decade of planning, the world’s largest carbon market is finally here. Launched on July 16, 2021 at just half of its ultimate scale, China’s emissions trading scheme already covers more emissions than the EU’s carbon market. There’s just one issue: it’s not reducing emissions… yet. Beijing is taking its time to build the market for long-term success, for better and worse. Want to track how – and when – this behemoth will wake? We unpack how regulators and market actors are shaping the broader carbon trading ecosystem that Beijing sees as a key to unlocking carbon neutrality.

    Green finance

    Achieving China’s ambitious climate goals will not come cheap – Beijing’s eyes are watering at the costs. That’s where green finance comes in. Beijing can’t afford not to build a diverse and dynamic green finance ecosystem – one shaped by a combination of central government agencies, local governments, and market participants.

    The big picture on China’s net zero pathway

    We’ve got your preferential policies and your energy tech. Renewables, fossil fuels, transportation. Hydrogen, nuclear, CCUS. We’ve even got your policy influencers – giving you a sneak preview of who’s informing the policymaking process, and what new notions they’re promulgating, before those ideas hit prime time. But most importantly, we tie it all together to offer a sense of where’s it all leading. China’s net zero policy reflects a thousand waves, but one stable current.

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